What Are The Symptoms Of Gluten Intolerance

What are the symptoms of gluten intolerance

In this article, you will get to know What are the symptoms of gluten intolerance

Gluten is actually a protein and not a carbohydrate. However, we associate it with carbohydrates because it is found in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley which are of course mainly comprised of carbohydrates. When someone with a gluten intolerance eats gluten they can experience a wide range of side effects. Let’s find out What are the symptoms of gluten intolerance

What Are The Symptoms Of Gluten Intolerance

Skin rashes

This is one of the signs of Gluten intolerance. Itchy rashes or bumps on your skin can be a sign that your body is intolerant to gluten. And sometimes it can even cause hives. 


It isn’t exactly clear how gluten and anxiety are connected. But there is definitely a connection. One study found that after one year on a gluten-free diet, participants’ anxiety decreased by 35%. So if you are someone who is not typically anxious and you found yourself getting more anxious recently, this cloud is a sign that you are gluten intolerant.


Intolerance can also cause allergy-type symptoms. These include sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny and blocked nose.

Get frequently sick

Someone with gluten intolerance might find that they start to get sick more frequently.

Sudden joint pain

Joint pain is another sign that you might be gluten intolerant. It has long been recognized that people with autoimmune forms of arthritis are at a greater risk of celiac disease. Demonstrating the effect gluten can have on our joints but even if you are only gluten intolerant you might still experience pain in your joints.

Low energy

Low energy, fatigue, and brain fog are other symptoms of gluten intolerance. These symptoms can be very common, especially right after eating gluten. 


Infertility in both men and women can be caused by gluten intolerance. One study found that gluten was a factor in almost 6% of the patients with unexplained infertility. This is only a small percentage but still, this is an important symptom.


This is another common symptom of gluten intolerance. If you experience migraines after eating gluten you might be gluten intolerant.

Nutrient deficiencies

If you tested deficient in one or more nutrients it could be due to gluten intolerance. Because the damage to your gut has caused your body to have difficulty absorbing these nutrients 

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