twitter spaces

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces

Twitter space is a tool of Twitter that allows people to have a live audio conversation. Spaces are public. Anyone can join as a listener. 3 people including the host and 2 co-hosts can speak in space.

Twitter spaces are now open to everyone

The micro-blogging site Twitter launched ‘Spaces’ in November last year to make audio-centric chat rooms in their clubhouses a success. But previously only those people could host the spaces whose followers are 600 or more. After almost a year, this feature has been made available to the users.

According to The Verge, Twitter is a little behind schedule. Because the company promised that ‘Spaces’ will be open to everyone in April 2021.

The Spaces Team feature was recently unveiled to the public on Twitter, and will now be available to Android and iOS users. At the same time, they have offered a GIF where its usage is explained.

Twitter Spaces

The Verge added that Twitter authorities have brought some new features to Spaces. As a result, 10 speakers can be made co-hosts. There is an experimental fundraising program called the Spark Program and Ticketed Spaces. This will be known as an audio room where you have to pay to participate. Its special options will be given only to the host without giving everyone the opportunity to control it.

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