Top 10 Happiest Countries In Asia

Top 10 happiest countries in Asia

In this article, you will get to know the Top 10 happiest countries in Asia

The Happiness Index is based on an assessment of per capita GDP, social assistance in times of need, the absence of government corruption, healthy life expectancy, freedom to choose one’s life, generosity, and generosity towards others — these six key variables. According to the happiness index, the Top 10 happiest countries in Asia are: 

Top 10 Happiest Countries In Asia


Taiwan\’s score on the Happiness Index is consistent in terms of GDP per capita, longevity, and social support. Taiwan is a reflection of a society where several generations of one family have been living. Being valued together is valued more than personal happiness. Taiwan tops the list of World Happiness for Asia this year. Taiwan ranks 24th in the world. One step ahead of last year.


This is the second happiest country in Asia. Singapore is in a really good position in terms of income, institutional confidence, and healthy life expectancy. 


This is one of the most populous and happiest countries in Central Asia. Uzbekistan is the 3rd happiest country in Asia. 


Kazakhstan is a wonderful nation in all respects. More than 120 ethnic groups and nationalities live in Kazakhstan. This is the 4th happiest country in Asia. 


Last year, anti-government protests, a severe drought across the country, and the Corona pandemic devastated the tourism sector in  Thailand. But despite all this, the country still ranks 54th in the world on the Happiness Index. The fifth happiest country in Asia.


Japan faced problems coping with the corona pandemic. In  2020, the economy has shrunk by 4.6 percent. However, despite all this, the country is number 7 on the list of happiest countries in Asia.


As per capita GDP figures, the Philippines lags far behind countries like Indonesia, China, and Malaysia. But as per World Happiness Index, the Philippines is far ahead of them all. The Philippines is currently ranked 61st in the world on the list of happiest countries.

South Korea

Last year, South Korea was remarkably successful in tackling the pandemic. South Korea is ranked as the 8th happiest country in Asia. 


Kyrgyzstan is a country that has been growing ahead of the Happiness Index for years. 97th in 2016, 92nd in 2016, 7th in 2019, 64th in 2020. Its position is 74th this year.


Mongolia has risen 30 steps ahead in the world happiness index in the last 5 years. The country has tripled its GDP in the last three decades and reduced poverty.

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