The Source Of Corona Will Never Be Found

The source of the corona will never be found

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. Maybe the source of corona will never be found.

Half a crore of people in the world died because of Corona. However, this number is only among those who have died after diagnosing with coronavirus. Millions more died of the symptoms before the corona was identified. Who was not included in this number? And the concern is the source of the corona will never be found

According to a report from Yahoo News After trying to find the source of the corona, the world’s best intelligence agencies in the United States have given up. The US Director of National Intelligence released a report. Expressing frustration, it has been mentioned that its source may remain elusive for the rest of its life. 

The Source Of The Corona Will Never Be Found

Coronavirus is likely to spread from any laboratory, the report said. Again, corona can be transmitted from the body of an animal to the human body in a completely natural way. However, experts are not sure which is the real truth.

However, US intelligence has ruled out the possibility that the coronavirus was created as a biological weapon and spread worldwide.

In December 2019, China first reported the disease to the World Health Organization. Corona was first discovered in Wuhan, the capital of China\’s Hubei province. It is thought to have been transmitted from a market in Wuhan. It then spread worldwide in a matter of days. The world was stagnant for about a year and a half. The world is trying to get back to normal after the discovery of the vaccine. However, the effect is not over yet. Many restrictions are still in place. 

A team of experts from the World Health Organization has already conducted extensive research to find the source of the corona. They also visited a well-known laboratory in Wuhan, China.

After a detailed study, they said it was not certain whether the corona originated in Uhan’s raw material market or its lab.

This requires more research.

But since the beginning of Corona, former US President Donald Trump has always referred to it as the ‘Chinese virus’. With this, the war of words started between the two countries. The United States has claimed that the virus has spread worldwide from China. China has always denied the allegations. Eventually, however, US intelligence failed to find the source.

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