The First Selfie Of Indian Subcontinent

The First Selfie of Indian Subcontinent

The picture of king Bir Chandra Manikya and his wife captured inside the palace is called the first selfie of the Indian Subcontinent.

The King of Tripura, Bir Chandra Manikya, was an energetic photographer of his era. He was also a pioneer of art and photography at that time. The King captured the first selfie of the Indian Subcontinent.

He was the first king of the Indian subcontinent who organized an annual photo exhibition at his palace in Tripura.

Queen Manmohani Singh, the wife of King Bir Chandra Manikya, was also an amateur photographer. She was one of the first female photographers in the Indian subcontinent. The couple created the foundation of the historical bond of the state of Tripura with industry.

In1880, A selfie of this couple, was found at the Agartala palace in Tripura. And it was an exhibition inside the palace. A long wire shutter control used to capture the intimate selfie

According to a  report in the Indian media The Hindu. This is the first selfie of the Indian subcontinent.

In that picture, it is clearly visible that The  King has a triggering device in his hand, with which he is holding a black lever attached. He captured the photo using a long wire shutter system.

The First Selfie Of Indian Subcontinent

In today\’s world, almost everyone loves to take a selfie. And technology makes our life so easy. But in 1880 technology was not so user-friendly, But still, they managed to capture a selfie. So it proves the enthusiasm of the king.

Hence this selfie proves that at that period The people of the Indian subcontinent were very much technology-oriented.

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