Facebook Lawsuit

Facebook lawsuit

Facebook Lawsuit. The Tech Giant Is Facing A Problem With The Name ‘Meta’ Facebook has changed its name to Meta. That was the news on October 28. Meanwhile, another US company is claiming that Facebook cannot take that name. Because long ago they were registered as ‘Meta Company’. Facebook stole that name and their ‘livelihood’. …

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Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions

All reactions on Facebook don’t have the same impact. In this article, we will discuss Facebook Reactions and Why ‘Love’ and ‘Angry’  reaction are crucial on Facebook Suddenly there was a rumor that the ‘Dislike’ button would be added to Facebook next to ‘Like’. If a post is not liked by the user, you can …

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Facebook Is Now Meta

Facebook Is now Meta

Facebook has changed its name. Facebook is now Meta. The name of Facebook\’s main organization is now ‘Meta’. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement at a virtual conference on 28th October 2021. The name originated from the plan to transform social media services into a virtual world called ‘Metaverse’. Facebook‘s social media …

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