Strict Dress Codes

Strict dress codes

Strict dress codes

Personality and taste are linked to fashion. In some circumstances, though, your style will be dictated by your country\’s traditions. Even if you visit certain nations, you must follow the clothing laws or fashion rules. You have to maintain certain dress codes to travel to specific places. Many people believe that these regulations are unrealistic. Let\’s find out about some places that have strict dress codes.

Strict Dress Codes

Slippers are not permitted to be worn while driving

Spain is a European country. Many people visit Spain. You can’t drive in sandals or slippers, whether you\’re going for a walk or for any other reason. You will be fined according to the country\’s rules if you drive with your legs bare, despite how fashionable your sandals are.

High-heeled shoes are prohibited

Stylish high heels are a favorite of many females. When going out to work or walking, many people choose to wear high heels. But, as you may be aware, high heels are not permitted in the European country of Greece! But there\’s nothing to be afraid of. This rule does not apply to all Greek cities. This is a criterion that only the Acropolis Castle and Delphi follow. High heels should not be allowed to detract from the historical significance of these locations. As a result, as a precaution. Wearing high heels might be dangerous. 

The length of a boy’s hair will be between one and five centimeters

Males cut their hair in a variety of fashions as fashion changes. Males in South Korea, on the other hand, are not allowed to cut their hair any shorter than a specific length. A boy’s hair should be between one and five centimeters long. Within 15 days, hair cannot be trimmed in any way.

For males, no make-up is required

Males apply makeup in several events in the fashion industry in most countries. Males in Sudan, on the other hand, are not allowed to wear cosmetics in any way.

North Korea has disallowed torn jeans

Jeans that are ripped and torn have become fashionable. In North Korea, however, such pants are absolutely prohibited.

Get married first if you desire long hair

Another odd law in North Korea is that if you don’t get married, you can\’t keep your long hair. So, if you want long hair, you really should get married. Only after that will you be permitted to keep your hair long.

Trival Boots from Mexico

Trival Boots are a pair of pointed boots with a pointy toe. Males in the trival music industry typically wear these spiky Mexican shoes in a quirky or hilarious manner.

In France, burqas and face veils are prohibited

The very contentious ‘burqa ban,’ which prohibits individuals from covering their faces, is still in place in France. Despite the fact that the rule applies to all facial coverings, it is primarily aimed at Muslim women.

In Chechnya, women should wear headscarves

While there is no specific rule requiring women to wear headscarves in Chechnya, the regime’s enforcement of traditional Islamic norms means that leaving the house without one is often looked upon.

Leggings and shorts are popular in Gulf countries

Signs in malls in Dubai\’s tourism hotspot tell women to wear garments that “cover-up knees.” Following the arrest of many women for wearing a bikini at a beach, toplessness and bikinis were made illegal in public places. Women in Saudi Arabia, regardless of their religion, are required to wear a burqa and a headscarf that conceals their skin. Leggings are not permitted in public locations in Qatar.

Lacy lingerie is now illegal in Russia

Do you want to spend your honeymoon in Russia? Better hide your lacy underwear, because policymakers have outlawed them in the name of promoting better pelvic health.

Army uniforms

Going out in military garb in Nigeria is a sure way to get a life-changing beating, or an equally terrifying encounter if you\’re not in the military. You should maintain army and battle uniforms out of sight because they are absolutely disallowed.

The bottom Line

Everyone loves to travel and loves to wear their preferable dresses. And some people love weird fashion. But some countries have strict dress codes. So you have to be careful about your fashion sense and dress code while traveling in specific countries.

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