How To Promote Facebook Page

How to promote Facebook Page

How to Promote Facebook Page For Your Business

Facebook is not just a social media communication application anymore, people promote their ideas and businesses through Facebook. It is necessary to create a Facebook page to generate and promote ideas and business. Creating a page is very easy, anyone can create a page within 2 to 3 minutes. But then, how to promote your Facebook Page?

You can’t enhance your page’s likes and popularity overnight. To promote your Facebook page you need patience and need to follow some tips and tricks mentioned below:

How To Promote Facebook Page
  • Organize your page:

    Choosing a unique name for your Facebook page is cool but it would be tough for users to find your page easily. Select a name and URL  for your Facebook page keeping in mind what people usually search on google and Facebook. If your page is about a common brand then use that brand name as your page name. But if it is not a brand then you should select an easy to find and easy to remember page name

    Many people just try to gather likes just after creating their page. If you don’t add your description, slogan, address, opening and closing time, website, phone number, location, etc properly then Facebook won’t publish your page. So take the proper time to edit this information. You can add a preferable animated or video cover. If you upload a photo then don’t forget to add a suitable description to it. Pin the most attractive post on your page.

  • Like and comment:

    Don’t just wait for people to like your page. You should like other pages from your profile page and do constructive comments. Don’t just comment on unnecessary things just to show up on your page name, then people will lose interest in your page. To gain organic growth of your Facebook page trying to create a positive image among the community.

  • Call to action:

    If your page is about a business then try to add a preferable call to action button on the upper menu bar of your Facebook page. It can be a “Send Message” or “Sign Up” button. And when you have enough items in the shop section of your Facebook page then you can also add a “Shop Now” button. In this case, people mostly use the send message and call button.

  • Add a group:

    When your Facebook page gathers a huge number of followers then try to add them in groups and ask them for their opinion about the page and products and all. By creating such kinds of groups you may gain more organic followers for your Facebook page.

  • Facebook Live:

    You can get 10% more reach just by going live via your Facebook page rather than posting videos and photos. So whenever you get a preferable idea of a product or service try to go live. Facebook put the live feed on top of their news feed. You can go live to share a demo of your product or share a tutorial.

  • Size of your post:

    The ideal post size is 40 to 80 words(with space). Facebook increases the reach of a post that is informative by using fewer and more appropriate words.

  • Don’t share fake and wrong information:

    Don’t share fake information just to enhance the engagement of your Facebook page. By sharing fake information people may report your page and Facebook would add you to their red list.

  • Maintain a routine for posting:

    Try to understand the routine and timing of your followers. By knowing the routine of your followers, fix a time to post. The engagement of followers differs from one page to another. For example, If you have a food delivery page then try to post between morning and evening. Don’t post at midnight.

  • Instant reply:

    Try to add an instant reply option on your Facebook page. It will attract and engage more followers on your Facebook page.

  • Facebook Pixel:

    If you have a website then try to add a pixel on your Facebook page. Facebook pixel is a code that will be added to your website. By using the code facebook will get the information of the visitor of your website. You can use your target audience by using the Facebook pixel.

These are tips and tricks on how you can promote your Facebook page. All the best for your new Facebook page journey. Hope they will get you more likes and more engagement. 

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