How to make a long-distance relationship Successful and Sustainable?

How to make a long-distance relationship Successful and Sustainable?

Love is in the air…….

A new study shows that the success rate of long-distance relationships is 58%. This is impressive, isn’t it? I know some of the happiest couples are in a long-distance relationship some or all of the time. But maintaining a long-distance relationship is never easy. Many people think that a long-distance relationship is never going to work for a long time. Family and close friends may advise you not to be too serious in a long-distance relationship; otherwise, it can be a reason for heartbreak. Let’s find out How to make a long-distance relationship Successful and Sustainable?

How to make a long-distance relationship Successful and Sustainable?

In this article, we are going to share some tips and steps on how to make long-distance relationships successful and sustainable?

Points to enhance a long-distance relationship

Frequent communication

How often long-distance couples communicate with each other is important. Frequent texts, phone calls, and video calls are very important parts of a long-distance relationship. Couples in long-distance relationships can’t meet physically so they should spend more time together virtually rather than those couples who stay together physically.

Don’t just talk, be connected with your partner

While talking one should give full attention to their partner so that they can feel that in spite of being in a long-distance relationship they are still the priority of their partner. Sharing details of daily activities makes the other partner feel comfortable and happy.  Don’t say “ I went to a party and had a great time. Rather than you should share details like, went to a party with whom you went, name those people, what you talked about. It will make the other partner feel like they were with you all the time.

Arrange a virtual date

A virtual date can be romantic. Fix a schedule once a week for a virtual date. Such as watching movies together on Netflix or other video streaming apps, or having dinner together through video calls. These little efforts remind your long-distance partner that you always make an extra effort to spend time together. 

Be flirty with your partner: Sounds weird? no, because it is always necessary to remind each other that you both see each other as lovers.

Maintain your sex life

Sex is not only a biological need, it is also an emotional need. Sex in a long-distance relationship means sex in video sending, sending nudes to your partner, dirty talks all these things keep the flame high.

Stick to know each other

There is always something new to know about your partner. Continuing to know each other is important for a long-distance relationship. It can deepen both partners’ emotional intimacy. Ask about the game that your partner recently played, you both can play games together. 

Avoid unpleasant and dangerous situations

Don’t be careless about your partner’s dislikings. If you already know that going to a bar or going out with a guy or a girl who has been flirting with you in the past will displease your partner, then don’t do it If you really want to make your long-distance relationship work then try to avoid doing those things which will displease your partner.

Give each other nicknames

This is cute, right?  Calling Your partner a special name can be the cutest thing in your relationship. Use a nickname for your partner.

Stay honest and respect each other

Share your insecurities, and jealousy with your partner. If you try to hide something from your partner sooner or later it will come out and it can break your precious relationship. Be honest with your partner.

Be committed to your partner

If you really want your long-distance relationship to last for a long period of time then be committed to your partner. Despite the physical distance, be loyal to your partner. Without loyalty, no relationship can sustain for a long period of time.

Set a final goal

There is no couple that can be in a long-distance relationship forever. Eventually, we want to be in the same place as our partner. At a certain point in time, we need to be settled down. So long-distance partners should set a goal in their minds that how long they will be apart from each other when they are gonna meet and start living with each other. Setting the final goal makes a long-distance relationship more lively and sustainable. 


To make a long-distance relationship work, partners should communicate more often, share every little thing, be loyal to each other, maintain romance, and most importantly set a final goal for their relationship. I just pray the success rate of long-distance relationships increases more and more. May love live forever.  Did you like our article How to make a long-distance relationship Successful and Sustainable? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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