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Fitness Band

What Is Fitness Band

Fitness Band is also known as a fitness tracker which is actually a wearable band that can track your health progress, how many steps you have taken, your heart rate, and your sleep pattern. Fitness bands have a display whose size differs from device to device. And you can connect them with your smartphone. They send you notifications about your heart rate, sleep pattern, and other health activities. Popular Fitness Band Brands are Fitbit, Xiaomi, Garmin.

What is the main purpose of Fitness Band?

Some people think that a fitness band can make you fit. This is not actually true. Fitness bands can remind you of how many steps you have taken and how many steps you still need to take to achieve your goal. Fitness bands or fitness trackers can help you to achieve your desired fitness level, but they can’t make you fit unless you follow the necessary steps like working out and a balanced diet.

Fitness Band

How Fitness Band works

Fitness bands have plenty of functions. These functions are different from one device to another. Let’s find out how Fitness Band works

Measuring your heart rate

Most Fitness trackers can measure your heart rate. This works for you as a reminder.

Tracking your movements

Fitness trackers can track your every movement like how many steps you have walked and how many steps you should take. You can also change your step number by using the display.

Tracking your pulse rate

Fitness bands can track your pulse rate while you exercise.

Measuring body temperature

Fitness Band can estimate your body temperature. When you work out if your temperature fluctuates this will notify you about your temperature.

Tracking your Calories

This band can track your calories like how many calories you consumed and how many calories you burned in a day. 

Track your sleep

Fitness Band can monitor your sleep pattern. How many hours do you sleep? How good is your sleep pattern is. The brands claim that they can measure if you have light sleep or deep sleep. 

Measure other activities

Fitness bands have built-in sensors. They can track whether you are standing or walking. They can also track your location with GPS.

Sync with smartphone

Fitness bands often sync with smartphones to track daily activities.

Send you notification

If you sync Fitness bands with your smartphone they can send you notifications when you have a new message or call on your phone. 

Benefits of Fitness Band


A Fitness Band can encourage you to achieve your fitness goal. When you get a notification in your fitness tracker that you are almost closer to your daily steps parameter then you will feel enthusiastic to take more steps to achieve your daily goal. A study shows that when a person starts wearing a Fitness tracker the person feels 30% more active than usual. 

Workout ideas and tips

A Fitness Band will give you new workout ideas and various health tips which would be suitable for you. 

Helps in determining goals

Fitness Bands help you to determine your desired health goals within your actual time frame. At first, it would set a goal for you, and then it would keep motivating you to achieve that.

Help in Weight loss

If you\’re using a fitness band to reach your goals, you will almost certainly lose weight. Whenever you check your exercise intensity to see if you\’re on the right track how fast you can lose weight. 

For better Sleep

A fitness tracker will suggest how many hours you should sleep and how should be your sleep pattern. How did you sleep last night? Was it deep sleep or light sleep? 

Everything is in a significant portion.

So why would you intend to keep track of your workouts now? According to studies, following up with daily movements can allow you to improve your health dramatically. Self-tracking can help relieve stress, eat healthy food, and work out more simply by identifying areas where you really need to progress. Everything is done in real-time.

Disadvantages of Fitness Band


A quality Fitness Band is usually expensive. There are several cheap fitness bands available in the market, but those won’t track accurate fitness. So you have to spend a lot on a good quality fitness tracker. 

Results are not accurate

The accuracy rate of fitness trackers is confusing. Sometimes it overestimates your activity and sometimes it underestimates. The sleep tracker also measures inaccurate results. 

What factors you should consider when buying A Fitness Band


The first factor you should consider is whether it is comfortable for you or not. Is it fit on your wrist? Or is it suitable for your skin?

The Size of the Display

Another most important is the display size. Is it worthy of your money or not? Is the display wide enough to see the data? 


Water resistance is also an important factor you should keep in mind while buying a fitness band. Because it may rain while you walk or you may take a shower mistakenly with the band on. 

Get notifications

You should check that, does it send you notifications of calls and social media texts?

Battery life

You should buy a Fitness Band with a battery life of at least one week. 

Best Fitness Band in 2022

Fitbit Charge 5

Garmin Forerunner 245

Amazfit band 5

Whoop 4.0

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6


Fitness Bands can only track your health activities but they can’t make you fit if you don’t take care of your health. To be fit you have to eat healthy food, work out regularly and have proper sleep. If you follow a healthy lifestyle then fitness trackers will work for you as encouragement. 

Do you use Fitness Band? We would love to hear about your experience with the Fitness tracker. How did it help you and which feature do you like most. You can share your favorite fitness tracker brand with us in the comment section.

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