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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone doesn’t know but the tech savvy professionals know why is it mandatory to have authentic and unique content to stand out in the Google and other search engines.

Search engines easily can identify the copied or used contents or data that can lead to website penalty and your platform cannot grow or rank above the other competitors.

Yes! Our professional team of writers use to research and analyze in-depth topic overview and then start writing after researching rich keywords which are relevant to your niche or topic.

Yes! You will hold the full copyright ownership after the completion of your order and concerned transactions.

We follow strict deadline regulations. In case of latency, you will get the copyright ownership for free or in some cases the other articles would be provided to you free of cost after complete case analysis.

We do not charge for the 3 round of revision but post 3 revisions, you will have to pay the additional upgradation charge which is nominal.

We accept payments through PayPal and other international cards like Visa, Master Card, and direct bank transfer as well.

A lot of your competitors update their content materials according to the search trends and user intents to retain their positions above you therefore you need to be updated through your content information to keep your users up-to-date along with proper relevancy.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which directly means to optimizing your content according to the several search engines and Google itself, while Google identifies each and everything whatever the information you are sharing with your visitors and it is also important to keep the informations organized so that every user including Google can find the relevant information asked by your audience at the right place and in correct format.

Yes! You can get a free trial but not more than 300 words article without any copyright ownership.

The team of the Awaken World serves to almost every industry as our motive is to provide quality content without any categorical limitation or niches.

Once we receive your order for our article writing services, we reach you via Email or phone to discuss your project requirements.We use to study  who your target audience is, where you want the article to publish, and when you want it to be accomplished. We will provide you with the services of a writer and editor that is well-versed in the domain based on all of the parameters. The writer will then prepare a draught for you to evaluate to verify that the article satisfies your style, tone, structure, and eventual outcome. The author will be assigned the task after you are delighted.

We define budget through the analysis of several different Products, Services, Goals, Market Trends, Competition Ratio or any other specified objectives.

You have to pay the upfront payment which is 40% of your total billed amount and remaining 60% of your payment right before the delivery of your order.

Yes! Our team is specialized in every aspect of writing and editing content materials whether it is editing or rewriting.

Yes! You hold the complete ownership of the content after getting your order approved from us and that can be modified or re-distributed by you anywhere.

It is completely depend on the nature of your project and the time needed for the same that can only be evaluated after a detailed analysis.

We assign a dedicated project manager to our each valuable client to keep our conversation smooth and crystal clear as each one of you are our own achievements.

Our team of writers use premium specialized softwares to keep your content material on track and can catch any error in a matter of seconds.

We completely understand the value of each and every single word and how a word should be displayed in a well-mannered and presentable. Our major focus is to understand your initial objective to write as exactly you desire along with our professional outcomes.

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