Facts About Climate Change

Facts about Climate Change

There is a lot of buzz about climate change. Let’s take a look at the facts about climate change

The climate conference kicked off on 31 October 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Leaders of different countries of the world have joined this conference. It is high time to know the facts about climate change. There are rumors about climate change and global warming. Some people think that there is nothing to worry about in terms of climate change.

Some people think that global warming is normal. Other people think that it is a kind of trick by powerful countries to control the people and other countries.

Is climate change a deception by Scientists?

Many believe that the crisis over climate change is a hoax by scientists. Again, many people think that the government is conspiring in the name of climate change to control the people. AFP cites thousands of studies and scientific surveys as evidence that such an idea is completely wrong.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) provides information on such research and surveys. Based on these studies, surveys, and analyzes, AFP says that people are responsible for climate change, which is absolutely true. This year, the IPCC has published a 3,500-page research report.

Representatives from 195 countries have approved it. 234 authors from 66 countries are associated with this research report. The panel was set up in accordance with UN rules. For those who have misconceptions about climate change, the data on this panel can correct them.

Facts About Climate Change

Climate changes gradually

Many people think that climate change is very normal. Climate changes according to the laws of nature. But the matter is not so simple. Global temperatures have risen faster than normal in the last 50 years. The IPCC says surface temperatures have been rising rapidly since the 1970s. It has provided such information on the basis of the pre-industrial revolution and recorded temperatures of 1850. The IPCC has also done a compound analysis of silt, ice, and vegetation during this period.

Humans are responsible for climate change

Many believe that the earth’s temperature is rising at an unusual rate. However, many do not want to believe that this is happening because people are increasing their carbon emissions by burning fossil fuels. The IPCC is working on a model for climate change. This model analyzes the factors that affect global warming. According to the IPCC report this year, people are undoubtedly responsible for the warming of the atmosphere, sea, and surface.

Is global warming normal for the coldest countries? 

There are many coldest countries in the world. There is a lot of snow in these countries. People in these regions think that a little bit of global warming is not a bad thing.

Former US President Donald Trump has played a major role in creating such misconceptions. In a tweet on January 20 this year, Trump said the severe winter proves that global warming is not alarming.

Referring to the severe winter, Trump said at the time that global warming is not a cause for concern.

Scientists say that the measure of climate change is based on the average fluctuations of the weather at different times. Just one day or a week of snowfall does not prove that the average temperature has not risen for decades.

What could happen if global warming increased a bit? Some parts of Siberia may be cultivable. Can provide food. However, due to the increase in temperature, the melting of ice in these regions may create a bigger crisis. Scientists at the IPCC say that even if the temperature rises by two degrees, the sea level could rise by half a meter or more. As a result, coastal cities could sink.

There are various joint statements on climate change. However, after analysis, it has been seen that very few of them are climate scientists. It is important for scientists and researchers to have a consensus on the issue of climate change. Thousands of surveys and studies have been conducted at Cornell University on climate change. The university says more than 99 percent of scientists agree that humans are responsible for climate change.

Although there are so many facts about climate change. It would be a long article if we try to write all the facts about climate change. We tried to give a glimpse of a few facts about climate change. Hope you liked it. 

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