Facebook Lawsuit

Facebook lawsuit

Facebook Lawsuit. The Tech Giant Is Facing A Problem With The Name ‘Meta’

Facebook has changed its name to Meta. That was the news on October 28. Meanwhile, another US company is claiming that Facebook cannot take that name. Because long ago they were registered as ‘Meta Company’. Facebook stole that name and their ‘livelihood’. This is the reason for the Facebook lawsuit and the organization Is Facing A Problem With The Name ‘Meta.

Facebook Lawsuit

Now the meta company has decided to take legal action against Facebook. Meta (Facebook), however, has not yet opened its mouth about this claim.

Though controversy is not new for Facebook. Since its birth, the company is facing so many kinds of problems. And still, it has managed its position as the most popular social media. Facebook also bought Instagram and WhatsApp. It has Facebook messenger which is also popular.

And after a decade it has decided to change its name. And The name is Meta. Meta is related to Metaverse. This is quite impressive name. It is related to virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg is ambitious about this new name. He has different types of visions with Meta.

Now the problem is there is another existing company whose name is also Meta. And now they are claiming the name Meta. That is the main reason for this lawsuit.

Let’s hope the issues of the problem will be solved very soon.

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