Da Hong Pao Tea

Da Hong Pao Tea

Da Hong Pao Tea Most Expensive Tea

If you are asked to choose one, except for the insane people, everyone will pull the yellow substance. There is nothing wrong with that. That\’s what it\’s worth. But a type of Chinese tea has put some strain on these ideas. Because they are claiming that their tea is at least 30 times more expensive than gold. Wow? Da Hong Pao Tea is more expensive than gold.

They are bluntly saying that the price of one gram of tea is 30 times the price of one gram of gold. This tea is a rare breed of tea grown in the Wei Mountains in Fujian Province, China.

Da Hong Pao Tea

Why So Expensive?

According to Chinese authorities, Da Hong Pao has been called the king of tea for its rare and excellent medicinal quality. Only China has such tea trees in the world. And there is no end to it. There are only six trees. In 2008, the Chinese government insured these six tea trees for about Tk 117 crore. This expensive tea has been planted in China for three hundred years.

The price of 1 kg of tea leaves of The Hong Pao is about 1.5 million US dollars, This is actually organic tea.

High in medicinal properties, this tea contains caffeine, theophylline, polyphenols, and flavonoids. These are proven to be very beneficial for health. Drinking this tea every day keeps the skin glowing and clear. The smell of this expensive tea is also quite nice.

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