Causes Of Coma

Causes of coma

This article will give a brief description of the Causes of coma

Many of us are familiar with the word coma. Basically, a coma is a condition that causes a state of chronic unconsciousness or unconsciousness. When this happens, the human consciousness does not work. So they can’t even wake up. It is necessary to know the causes of coma.

This problem can be due to various reasons. It can also be caused by a severe head injury, stroke, brain tumor, taking various drugs or alcohol, intoxication, diabetes, or various underlying illnesses.

Coma is a medical emergency. If it is, it is very difficult to recover. And it can go to the point of rendering the brain useless and causing death. So quick action is needed to preserve life and brain function.

Causes Of Coma

To keep yourself aware of this, find out the causes of coma:

Brain Injury

Most Of the comas are caused by a severe brain injury. So be careful. 


A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is reduced or interrupted blood vessels narrow, or blood vessels rupture. And people can go into a coma because of such a big stroke.


Many People have tumors inside the brain. And because of such tumors, the patient may go into a coma many times.


Diabetes can lead to coma when blood sugar levels suddenly become too high or too low.

Lack of oxygen

People who recover from drowning or recover from a heart attack may experience a lack of oxygen to the brain. And this can lead to a coma.


Infections such as encephalitis and meningitis cause swelling of the brain, spinal cord, or tissues around the brain. Severe cases of such infections can lead to major brain damage or coma.


Exposure to toxic substances such as carbon monoxide can damage the brain and lead to coma.

Drugs and alcohol

Many people can go into a coma due to an overdose of various drugs and alcohol.

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