Balloon that absorb carbon di oxide

Balloons can absorb carbon dioxide

An Israeli company has discovered a new way to absorb carbon dioxide as part of the fight against global warming. They discovered balloons can absorb carbon dioxide.

According to Reuters, They have discovered a balloon capable of carrying carbon dioxide from the upper layers of the atmosphere to the earth’s surface. And then they will recycle the carbon dioxide.

Excessive emissions of carbon dioxide are the main cause of climate change. Huge amounts of carbon are released into the atmosphere from man-made sources, including the burning of fossil fuels. One way to reduce this carbon from the atmosphere is to absorb it. Methods of absorbing carbon from the atmosphere at fixed temperatures are expensive.


Balloons Can Absorb Carbon Dioxide

However, Israeli startup High Hopes Labs claims that their balloons will be able to absorb carbon dioxide from the upper layers of the atmosphere at a relatively low cost. This carbon is almost concentrated in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Nadav Mansdorf, chief executive officer (CEO) of the company, told Reuters news agency that the nice thing is that it is much easier to contain almost concentrated gas.

Nadav added, “Carbon accumulates at temperatures of minus 80 degrees Celsius. It is only possible to find carbon dioxide at temperatures 9 miles above our heads.

Nadav said his organization was testing the method they discovered on a small scale. By attaching a box (carbon holding device) to the gas-filled balloon, they released it into the atmosphere. It is then able to separate frozen carbon from the atmosphere and bring it to Earth. And then it is possible to recycle carbon.

High Hopes Labs hopes to make larger balloons in two years. And if it is possible, each balloon will be able to absorb one ton of carbon per day. It will cost less than 100dollars.

Nadav, CEO of High Hopes Labs, noted that the cost is much lower than the current grounded carbon absorb system. 

Well, this is good news for us, because we all are concerned about global warming and climate change

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