Appointing Women directors in malaysian company in mandatory

Appointing women directors in Malaysian companies is mandatory

This article will give a glimpse of why appointing women directors in Malaysian companies is mandatory.

Malaysia has officially announced that appointing women directors in Malaysian companies is mandatory. It is mandatory for any company to have at least one woman director on the board of directors.

This directive will be effective from next year. The government has taken this decision to ensure the participation of females in the management of companies in this Southeast Asian country.

He said the government has taken steps to recognize the role of women in the decision-making process and strengthen their leadership. Through this process, the board of directors will be effective.

No one can doubt the contribution of women to the economy. Governments, political groups, and executives have found that governing bodies that have women make better decisions. Besides, there are various possibilities. That is why most countries in the world appreciate the appointment of women directors in companies. 

She said that the government should take the target of 30 percent women\’s representation instead. She also added that gender equality creates more creativity and innovation. Karen Lai, program director at the Women\’s Center for Change, called on the government to increase women\’s representation at the administrative level.

Appointing Women Directors In Malaysian Companies IS Mandatory

Finance minister Zafrul said there are 252 companies among the many listed on the Bursa Exchange. Among these  26 percent of companies have no women on the board.

And for this reason, the Govt took the step of appointing Women directors.

Women empowerment is necessary. And this step taken by the Malaysian Government is a positive sign. Through this process, women will be able to take part in decision-making. And this will make a great impact on the Malaysian Economy.

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