Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai

Currently, the world’s tallest and largest observation wheel ‘Ain Dubai (Dubai Eye)’ has been launched. The observation wheel was inaugurated in Dubai on October 21 with a display of fireworks and drones.

About 1800 tourists can enjoy the beauty of Dubai from this observation wheel which is 250 meters high. This carousel is currently a core part of the metropolitan skyline. This initiative has been taken to attract more tourists.

Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai (Dubai Eye) is taller than the High Roller in Las Vegas

This ‘Ain Dubai(Dubai Eye)’ is taller than the High Roller in Las Vegas, the Navy Pier in Chicago, the London Eye in London, or the Niagara Sky Wheel in Canada. It has a total of 48 closed cabins. Each cabin is larger than two double-decker buses and can accommodate up to 40 tourists. As a result, about 1800 people can enjoy the beauty of Dubai from this observation wheel.

This observation wheel has been launched to cope with the economic shock in the Corona situation. This has broken records,” said Ronald Drake on behalf of the Ain Dubai( Dubai Eye team). It is almost twice the size of the Singapore Flyer and the London Eye.

There are basically three types of cabins available. Ordinary tourists can ride in these ‘observational’ cabins. The ‘social experience’ includes lounge access and drinks. There are also ‘private’ cabins that can be taken for dinner parties, business meetings, and other occasions.

Are you interested to buy the tickets to explore this amazing creation in your own experience?

You can buy the tickets online and book as per your own requirements and reservations listed by the authority, Click here to know more about it.


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