11 Messaging Apps Of 2022

11 Messaging apps of 2022

11 Messaging apps of 2022

We love to communicate with our friends and family through messaging apps. There are so many apps available online. They have some really amazing features which are useful. Let’s find out about the 11 Messaging apps of 2022


This is currently the most popular messaging app. According to a rating of the similar web, WhatsApp messenger is ruling in 53 countries across the world. This is an end-to-end encrypted app. You can send text, call, and video calls through this secured app. And can update your status. You can join different groups. Whatsapp also has a business version of it called WhatsApp business. You can run your small business with the help of this app. 

11 Messaging Apps Of 2022

Whatsapp is adding new features very often. One of the latest features is if you are in a WhatsApp group or conference call you can leave and rejoin the call without any interruption the call. And the recent buzz is Whatsapp is going to add a new feature very soon where you can hide your last seen for a specific person. Sounds cool right? I am also eagerly waiting for this amazing feature. Whatsapp is available on android Ios and even on the desktop.

Facebook Messenger

This is a messaging app by Facebook which is now Meta. This is one of the best instant messaging apps. According to data from Similarweb, messenger is the number one messaging app in 13 countries, the USA is one of them. You can send instant text messages, calls, and video calls through Facebook messenger. My favorite about this app is its different colorful filters. I just love them. You can send stickers, photos, videos, and files through messenger. You can use Facebook messenger on android and ios. 

11 Messaging Apps Of 2022


This is a very popular secure messaging app. It has a secret chat option. You can send texts, calls, and even video calls. You can hide your number just by adding a user name. Telegram messenger has different channels in it. You can create your own channel. It has added new features recently. You can delete your messages by date, You can protect your content in groups and channels. And also manage your connected devices. According to Similarweb in 2021 it had number 1 popularity in 14 countries Telegram app is emerging day by day. This secured encrypted app is available on android, ios, and also telegram desktops. 

11 Messaging Apps Of 2022


This is currently one of the best messaging apps. According to Similarweb, Viber is maintaining its popularity in Europe. Through Viber you can send text messages, call and video calls, and send different kinds of cute stickers, photos, videos, and files. Actually, I like the sticker collection of Viber messenger. There is an explore section in the Viber app, where you can explore different groups, and sticker packs, you can also see trending options there and you can also chat with bots. You can also find my notes option in your Viber app interface. Viber supports android, ios, windows, mac, and Linux platforms. 

11 Messaging Apps Of 2022

Signal private messenger

This is one of the best encrypted instant messaging apps. It is not easy to hack. You can use signal as your default SMS app also but default SMS is not encrypted. Signal messenger has the feature of disappearing which I like most. You can call, video call, and send voice notes, photos, videos, and create one-to-one

groups via Sgnal messaging app. There is a payment method available in the signal app. This app maintains strict security. Signal is becoming more popular day by day because of its security.

11 Messaging Apps Of 2022


This is another secured messaging app. It claims that it keeps your data secured from governments. Your text and calls both remain encrypted through this encrypted app. Threema ensures that it doesn\’t save your contact details on their server. You can send photos, files, and videos and also create groups in this secured messaging app. This app is a paid app. You can use this on your android and ios and desktop platforms. 



This messaging app is most popular in Asia, mostly in Japan and Taiwan. You can exchange text messages, images, videos, calls, and video calls. It has its own digital wallet called line- pay. It has line tv, and line today sections. 



This instant messaging app is most popular in China. Wechat is banned in India. This is the number one messaging app in China, Bhutan, and Hong kong. You can use WeChat as a payment wallet also. You can exchange photos, voice messages, videos, stickers, voice, and video calls, and share your location via WeChat. 

Kakao Talk

This is a popular messaging app. It is a South Korean app. Kakao talk allows you to call, send text messages, images, voice notes, one on one group chat. You can find your friend by their phone number and also by searching their id name. This messaging app supports games and coupons. It also has an emoticon feature. 

BiP Messenger

 This is a Turkish app. It is a secure and very easy-to-use instant messaging app. This has features like call, video call, one-to-one group, location tracking, and stickers.   You can use BiP on Android, Ios, and the web also. 


Google Hangouts is an instant messaging app managed by tech giant Google. It allows you to make video calls, instant text, and send files and videos. You can sign up for hangouts by your Gmail address. You can video chat with 25 users at a time. Throughout a Google Hangouts call on the desktop, texts can be sent off to the side so that the video remains on top.


These are our 11 Messaging apps of 2022. Did you try all these 11 Messaging apps? If yes then which one do you like most? Let us know about your favorite messaging app. And why do you like that particular instant messaging app? Share your opinion in the comment section. And stay connected with us to read more articles like this. 

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